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Open/Convert IRA

If you’re starting out with your first gold and silver IRA, the process is simple. If you’re transferring an existing IRA, 401(k), annuity or other retirement account, we make the process straightforward and quick. There are three steps to opening your self-directed IRA with Lexi Capital:

1. New or Transfer: You can either open a new self-directed IRA or transfer another retirement account. If you prefer to keep your traditional retirement account or have no account, opening a new IRA is simple. If you’re ready to have more control over your current assets, though, we make transferring easy.

2. Gather Documents: To open a new gold and silver IRA, you’ll need your social security number and personal information. For transferring, make sure to gather your recent retirement account statements as well.

3. Professional portfolio analysis: Contact Lexi Capital at (800) 473-1213 and an adviser will help you understand how gold and silver can hedge against the instability of traditional financial markets. Learn how countless Americans have seen annual returns of around 18 percent for more than a decade.

You may need a printer for necessary documentation, and we’ll also require the names and birth dates of your designated beneficiaries. We’ll also need employer information if you’re still working. If you’re designating trusts as beneficiaries, please provide a tax ID number or date of trusts.

Understanding Your Investment

During the economic downturn of 2008, countless Americans faced financial ruin because they trusted the wrong individuals. Our goal is to never leave you in that situation. That’s why our advisers ensure you understand what you’re investing in.

We even provide a six-month buffer via The Gold Assurance Plan. With this plan, eligible gold coins are protected for six months at up to $500 per ounce. We also fully explain and give you the option of holding your precious metals privately or keeping them in a depository.

Depository Versus Private Storage

You’ve chosen a self-directed IRA to have control over your retirement, so we provide additional options to help you maintain even more control.

Personal Storage IRA/Private Storage IRA

You have the option of privately holding the precious metals you’re investing in, a level of control unheard of in most retirement accounts. You’ll receive full-service assistance from our advisers so that you clearly understand how the process works.

Self-Directed IRA (Private Depository Stored)

For those who want professional storage of their gold and other precious metals, Lexi Capital provides secure storage. You’ll receive all of the benefits of gold and silver investment without having to worry about physically safeguarding your assets yourself.

Get started today by calling Lexi Capital at (800) 473-1213 or using our Express Application Here: