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Why should you invest in precious metals?

IRA accounts are traditionally dependent upon a select group of stocks, bond and/or
mutual funds which are inextricably linked to the economy – in good times and in bad.


Diversification is crucial to every person’s portfolio, especially when it comes to retirement savings. Silver and gold IRAs allow you to hold assets that are rarely found in employer-sponsored 401(k)s and conventional IRAs.

Tax Benefits

Precious Metals IRA comes with the same tax benefits as a conventional IRA. The biggest difference is that you can maintain those tax benefits while experiencing all the other benefits of purchasing precious metals.

Growth Potential

Aside from the security, many people purchase gold and silver specifically for their growth potential, which isn’t affected by the same forces as those in the stock market.

Stock Market Protection

When the stock market tumbles, retirement accounts can suffer greatly. Diversifying your portfolio with precious metals helps protect your retirement money by shielding it from the volatility associated with stocks and other paper assets.

Safeguard Against Money

As the dollar loses value, Americans essentially lose wealth and purchasing power. The value of precious metals, tends to increase as the dollar drops. By placing precious metals in an IRA, you can preserve your buying power and safeguard your money from the effects of inflation.

“When I first called Lexi Capital it was in the evening. The very next day Bernard Kane was on the phone calling to talk with me.. There was a mannerism in his voice that placed me at ease. Bernard expresses himself well as a salesman and explains what he has for sale and how one should go about becoming a client.”
Tim Lumbardo

The Lexi Capital Vision

Lexi Capital was founded in 2010 when entrepreneurs grew tired of seeing retirees suffer at the hands of fluctuating markets, politicians focused on profit and unscrupulous bankers seemingly immune from the law. They immediately realized that everyone should have access to market insights and recession-proof assets. It was this realization that led to the creation of Lexi Capital and the Gold Assurance Plan.

Why Choose Lexi Capital?


Offering gold and silver assets that consistently show strong returns while simultaneously maintaining high demand on domestic and international markets.


This is a six-month repricing policy that empowers your investment by helping to mitigate the effect of short term corrections.


While our experts can guide the way, we want you to understand the benefits of precious metal investment so you can enter retirement feeling confident.

Lexi Capital is the gold standard in precious metals retirement investments.

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